Noticeboard Member Carol Brill Appointed PRO for Irish Blind Golfers Society!

Image of Carol BrillFirstly congratulations to Carol and her guide Gary Cullen for their fantastic golfing achievement in 2015. Carol excelled herself at The Italian Blind Open in October. Gary posted the following to “The Noticeboard” highlighting the success. “Well folks here is the Irish blind golf team. Carol Brill finished in 3rd place in the ladies category she was 7 shots better today. The 2 ladies that beat Carol, the winner is playing 6 years and the second played off 4 handicap before losing her sight so some achievement for Carol only playing 6 months”. Indeed Carol informed me recently she is “hitting it out of sight”!
Carol got in touch recently and has asked for our assistance. She informed me, “I have been given the task of PR for the Irish Blind Golfers Society with a specific aim of finding guides to help blind and visually impaired golfers”. She continues ………..
“Got a day you can spare in 2016? Why not help out as a guide for blind golf?
Blind golf is a two-person sport. Players cannot play the game without a guide. Firstly there’s the player who has the technique to play the stroke, then there’s the guide. That’s the second person, the one who takes care of lining the player up, knowing when it is safe to hit, calculating yardage, reading putts and making decisions around course management.
Guiding a blind or partially sighted person can be very rewarding.
Gary Cullen, professional golfer, describes his experience as a guide “Spending time with the Irish Blind Golfers Society has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my life. It is heartwarming to watch players of different levels of vision loss play golf. I would encourage every golfer to volunteer as a guide for this fantastic group of people”.
If you would like to help out on one day of the IBGA calendar – there are tournaments once a month between March and November at various locations – or on a more regular basis, please consider getting involved. It can be a great experience for all concerned. For further information, please visit our website or email”
Of course I agreed, and given to level of success achieved in 2015, “The Noticeboard” would like to jump on the bandwagon and be part of further success in the years to come. The first objective is to assist in getting the word out there!

About Gary

While our paths would have crossed briefly when Gary was finishing up a highly successful amateur career when I was only returning to golf after a long sabbatical, I really only met Gary for the first time at our first Irish Golf Noticeboard outing in Carton House in October. Gary used to shoot scores that embarrassed the rest of us when he was an amateur and I have no doubt but for back problems could well have progressed to being a successful tour pro. Gary’s commitment and enthusiasm for being involved as blind golf guide is all the more impressive given his status in the game in Ireland. He assured me he found it a brilliant thing to do. Hats off to you Gary.

About Carol

My words could not do this lady justice. All you need to know about Carol can be seen here!

To assist more people like Carol and Gary please visit or email
Continued success to Carol, Gary and the Irish Blind Golf Society.
That’s it for Joe’s blog this week. Joe’s blog will be going back to Tuesday and Thursday from next week.
For now, adios,
Joe Lyons, Founder.


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