Expert Guest Series

Today we have the fifth of our golf fitness series. We have really begun to ramp up the workout over the last couple of weeks. Tina from NRG Fitness is assisting with some exercises for golf fitness. These exercises will not only improve your golf but also greatly enhance your wellbeing and overall fitness. A big thanks from me on behalf of ‘The Noticeboard’ members to Tina and the team from NRG” – Joe Lyons founder.

Week 5

If you’ve been doing the Pilates golf exercises since week one you might be starting to feel a little stronger in the core by now. Ideally you should try to practice them three times a week. This week I’ve concentrated on core. These exercise will help you to maintain your balance and posture throughout you golf swing, which will lead to more consistency.

If anyone would like further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact NRG fitness for further assistance.
Until next week,


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