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Irish Golfers shining on the world stage

The professionals

Where to start? Paul Dunne’s continues to to compound the odds by finishing tied thirteenth in his first start on the PGA tour along side Shane Lowry. Brian Keogh at Irish Golf Desk sheds more light on the implications and opportunities opening up for Paul. Shane will also be very pleased I suspect with a very strong final round which sets him off on a good foot for 2016, a year in which he hopes to make is Olympic and Ryder Cup debut. Rory is also back in action and his performance form tee to green last week suggests he could be on the verge of making inroads on the World Number 1 position again.  Brendan McGovern successfully negotiated stage one of the European Seniors Tour School and is going well at final q school. While Cormac Sharvin has just turned pro and start his professional career next week. Seamus Power had a disappointing week on the tour however it would come as no surprise to see him build on a very solid first year on tour to go on and make his way on to the PGA tour this season.

The amateurs

Another member of the “famous five”, Jack Hume shot 65 in the final round of the Guateng North Strokeplay to finish fourth. All eight Irish competitors made the cut in a highly competitive field and at time of writing are all going strong again in the South African Amateur Championship.  Indeed in an article on “The Noticeboard” last year the ability to go low was highlighted as hugely important in bridging the gap from top amateur to tour player. Jack is beginning to make a habit of this. 63 in the final round of stage 2 at q school only to lose out on a play off, a recent 64 at Portmarnock links and of course 65 in South Africa point to a promising career ahead. Indeed, not taking away from Paul who got through stage 2 of q school in a play off, it goes to show how fine the margins can be between jumping straight out on to tour and having to be patient and wait. By all accounts Jack will follow his four other comrades from “the famous five” and have a go at the pro ranks at the end of the year. The sooner the better as far as yours truly is concerned – it might give the rest of us a chance to claim some silverware!
Olivia Mehaffy recently finished fifth in the South American Amateur Championship and a fourth place finish at the Portuguese Amateur alongside a very creditable performance from Maria Dunne. Along side this Leona McGuire remains on top of the Women’s World Golf Ranking a truly remarkable achievement. No doubt it’s only a matter of time before Leona showcases her talents with the worlds elite on the LPGA Tour.
That’s it for today, just a quick update highlighting all our recent and impending success. As ever feel free to comment below or on our Facebook group.
I’ll return on Thursday with god know’s what. I’ll have to start seeking out a muse!
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