Noticeboard Sweepstakes Week 30


Noticeboard Sweepstakes in association with Druids Golf
Druids Golf has kindly agreed to Sponsor our entire series. A new Irish Golf Brand, based in Kilkenny, Druids is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of branded & licensed golf products. Druids thrive on innovation, dedication and superior customer care which is vital for professional working relationships. They deal directly with golf pro shops, corporate events & sports clubs. The goal remains the same, providing great quality brands at the very best prices. A passion for quality and belief in offering the best products make Druids your perfect trading partner. Rathsallagh House Hotel and Golf Club is this week’s generous sponsors.
Rathsallagh House is very lucky to be surrounded by the magnificent Rathsallagh Golf Club.  It is a Championship Course measuring close to 7,000 yards with a par of 72.  Set on 270 acres of rolling parkland.  Rathsallagh Golf Club is remarkable for the number, position and maturity of the trees on the course and the definition they give on approach to the excellent U.S.G.A  specified greens.   The bunkering has been described as some of the best in Ireland, both in terms of construction and intelligent placement.  Click here to see the latest Drone Video of the Course.

BMW Championship

The third week of the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs, with the race for the FedEx Cup hotting up. Down to the top 70 now with just 30 to progress to week 3 of the playoffs. A word to the wise – please check the runner and riders by clicking here
Only two players from this week’s world top 10 allowed in any team. Check out this week’s World Top 10 here
Simply sign up or connect to this site using a connect button that suits you (on some mobile devices you may need to scroll down below the comment box to connect)  and type the names of the four players in the comment box below here on this webpage. Once again I am asking people to enter a guestimate for your team score which will be used in the event of a tie-break. It is up to members to “sign their own card” by reporting their team’s score on this thread before 1pm Monday, September 10. Entries close at 1pm Thursday, September 6.
Best of luck everyone


  1. We had a tie this week between Aubrey Murnaghan and Ciaran Keogh. Ciaran is the winner of the fourball kindly sponsored by Rathsallagh on the tie-break rule by having guestimated a team score of -39 as opposed to Aubreys -33.


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