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Strange times. The best putter we have ever seen has fallen of the face of the planet over the last number of years, while two confirmed yipsters finish first and second at the Honda. The old notion that the “yips are for life” has been dispelled by Bernhard Langer, Mark Calcavechia and co, however for those of us that struggle in this department it is nice to see more evidence of guys conquering their demons. Rory’s ball striking has long been the envy of his fellow tour players however his putting has not. His admission the other day that he has resigned himself to being a streaky putter, in this observers opinion does not inspire confidence. Then again, it’s difficult for someone to be pegging stones from inside the glass house.Tiger’s fall from grace has many elements. Personal problems, injuries and poor ball striking have not helped however his weakness on and around the greens for the past few years have arguably been the most significant decline in his powers. At his best Tiger got up and down from everywhere. He went 11 months on tour without a three putt at one stage and rarely missed from ten feet and in when it really mattered. It was uncanny. In the last few years, Tiger has struggled on the greens and his chipping most definitely look a little on the yippy side. Will we see him back? Probably more to do with his personal life and injuries, although I for one think the game needs him now more than ever. I watched in awe as a teenager when Jack hauled in Greg Norman down the stretch at Augusta in 1986. I was brought up on tales of Jack’s dominance however really only witnessed the end of his greatness. Tiger however was without doubt the greatest player I have ever seen and as of yet none today’s protagonists come close. Mickelson certainly agrees with this. One thing is fairly sure, if Tiger does return he will need to banish demons on the greens to return to his majestic best.
On a personal note, my post to our Facebook Group about my own personal putting problems prompted some very helpful suggestions. I got some private messages from friends looking to assist which I investigated further. Some reading suggestions including “Extraordinary Putting : transforming the whole game” by Frank Shoemaker. Also, “The Mind Factor” by Karl Morris and Darren Clarke.
Another suggestion was the following video.

So thanks to all for your help and advice. Once I sort out the putting, I will be looking for assistance with anger management issues, which will no doubt be magnified as every Tom, Dick and Harry asks me to hole out from six inches throughout the year.
As always, if anyone else wants a platform to have a rant, feel free to email me at and I’ll set you up as a guest blogger. Also, keep an eye out for the new Club of the Month Competitions which will be launched very soon.
Bye for now, and keep knocking in those short putts. Best wishes to all,


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