Ryder Cup Sweepstakes


Noticeboard Sweepstakes in association with Druids Golf
Druids Golf has kindly agreed to Sponsor our entire series. A new Irish Golf Brand, based in Kilkenny, Druids is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of branded & licensed golf products. Druids thrive on innovation, dedication and superior customer care which is vital for professional working relationships. They deal directly with golf pro shops, corporate events & sports clubs. The goal remains the same, providing great quality brands at the very best prices. A passion for quality and belief in offering the best products make Druids your perfect trading partner. Golf Concepts are this week’s sponsors are this week’s generous sponsors. 
Golf Concepts have now sponsored 5 lithium batteries during the sweepstakes season.

The Ryder Cup

Pick 5 players competing in this weeks Ryder Cup. Add up each players points total at the end of the week. The team with the most points wins. In the event of a tie we there will be a random draw.
Only two players from this week’s world top 10 allowed in any team. Check out this week’s World Top 10 here
Simply sign up or connect to this site using a connect button that suits you (on some mobile devices you may need to scroll down below the comment box to connect)  and type the names of the five players in the comment box below here on this webpage. It is up to members to “sign their own card” by reporting their team’s score on this thread before 1pm Monday, October 1. Entries close at 9am Friday, September 28.
Best of luck everyone


  1. I can confirm that Andrew Ryan has won the Ryder Cup sweepstakes. A big thanks to Golf Concepts for this week’s prize and also to Druids Golf for the series sponsorship.

  2. Thanks very much Joe Lyons for all the effort you have put into running this every week and to all the sponsors and clubs who gave different prizes every week . Delighted to have won a prize or two over the course of the season .

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