Rob Kelly discusses pressure and performance

Below is an extract from mind-coach Rob Kelly who is helping athletes compete under extreme pressure. 

“The pressure is on…..You are coming down the back stretch…..playing out of your skin and along comes that single thought… “Don’t make a mess of this”.

As a Performance Mind Coach, the key area that interests me the most is the role your mind plays in your quest for glory. The Focus of the work I do with Athletes, is teaching them how their Conscious & Subconscious Mind affects their ability in maintaining levels of high performance in competition.

Did you know, that your Conscious Mind can process 40 bits of information in any given second vs your subconscious mind which can process, 11million bits of information in any given second. It’s like having access to two computers. One is good at a certain number of tasks, while the other is like a supercomputer, where you have access to 90% brain power. In order for you to be achieving your full potential in Golf, you need to get to the point where you are able to relinquish control to your supercomputer better known as your Subconscious Mind.

Learning how to focus correctly and doing the inner-work in understanding why your mind creates these thoughts in those key moments is critical to insure you are giving yourself the best opportunity for achieving your dreams.

We all go through life listening to a story play out in our conscious mind. Yet very few of us question the narrative. When we create the story, we automatically identify with it and begin to feel the emotions attached to it, as if it were playing out in real time. How many times have you been so close to success only to lose focus as a result of that illusion in your mind?

How fair is it, that you should allow an imaginary reality in your mind dictate the outcome of your performance?

When you are competing, how much is your performance governed by that narrative? And how aware of it are you?

For many, it becomes an unconscious program!!!

Every-time your mind wanders into the future, you are losing your focus and blocking yourself from accessing that 90% brain power. Not only that, you are now playing with the crappy computer which is split into two different realities, one real & one imaginary, leaving you with very limited brain power to perform. When we create these illusions based on fear in our mind, it causes a disconnect between Body & Mind, triggering your sympathetic nervous, otherwise known as your fight or flight. Once this nervous system is triggered, your body is held in a state of stress and that information is relayed back to your brain wreaking havoc on your game.

It has long been known scientifically, that when an Elite Athlete is accessing the highest levels of performance, they are operating on a subconscious level in a heightened sense of Focus. So, what is it that stands in their way from achieving this heightened sense of focus….yes, you guessed it, Conscious interference, nearly always in the form of self-doubt & Fear and supported by the elusive story that they are creating.


Where does this fear come from? Why do we seem to have no control over the story?

Because you are governed by a set of beliefs that you have developed throughout your life and these beliefs will dictate how you see your reality. Until you become aware of your beliefs and how they create your thoughts & emotions, you will continue to have to fight with pure will power, which for many can be too much to transition to the next level. Afterall, it is well known in competition that the harder we consciously try the harder we fall! Only when we truly learn to let go of the story, can we change our beliefs and soar to new heights.

My name is Rob Kelly and I work as a Performance Mind Coach, I teach Athletes how to access higher levels of Consciousness & Peak Performance. I have a Holistic & Scientific approach to high performance. My main area of expertise is in Focus & Awareness Training. This is a training I have developed through combining the use of Sports Neuro-Feedback, Clinical Sports Hypnosis & Performance Mind Coaching. I also hold a Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate which was awarded to me by DR. Brian Hemmings, Lead Sports Psychologist to the English Golf Team for 16 years. This training is an Approved Education Programme of the PGA’s of Ireland, Great Britain & Europe. Currently, I work across many different Sports, most notably the past year with Connacht Rugby & Irish International Jack Carty.”

Rob’s contact details are below for anyone who would like help overcoming pressure down the stretch.


Mobile: +353 86-241-8271


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